Saturday, May 28, 2016

Day Nine - NH & ME

Saturday, May 28

Today we drove from our campground in northeastern New Hampshire to Fort Kent, Maine. We are so far north we can see Canada from our parking lot. No joke: the border crossing is across the street from our hotel. I had no idea. It is not on any map I've looked at. So we're blaming Canada for the fact that this is a college town and yet everything, including McDonalds, is closed by 10. The border crossing is the only spot of light on Main Street.

It was a fairly nondescript, non-eventful drive. Idiot GPS Susan tried to take some backroads but we thwarted her. The mall in Bangor lacked adequate food, so we went to Wendy's, and we got some nice pictures of Mount Katahdin from I-95. There's a place we want to get lunch, and wanted to get dinner, but it was closed. So hopefully tomorrow I can report on moose mac pizza and proper poutine. Fort Kent is covered in Quebec flags and again, I can SEE QUEBEC FROM THE PARKING LOT, and yet... the man at the front desk, which is so small-town that I walked up and he said "Are you Rachel?" couldn't pronounce our name. He did the Me-Me-MeLANken thing. I was so disappointed.

Not a lot to report today. We had good driving weather and it was shockingly hot (92 degrees) until we hit Aroostook County, and now it's a balmy 55 or so. I'm drinking maple syrup whiskey courtesy of Alex, who prances across the border back to her native Mooseland tomorrow morning at some unholy hour. Tomorrow after we eat, we're heading back down to Acadia National Park for our last two nights of camping. I want to climb another mountain. Aaron thinks I'm "certifiably insane." We'll see what happens.

I see you, TS Bonnie, idling off the Gulf Stream. Please do not send my dog into rolling anxiety attacks.

Shower. Real bed. Climate control. We are so excited.

View of Mount Katahdin from I-95.

Might have driven through Rwanda.


Heck yeah!

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